Gel Du Soleil™ How-To
Gel Du Soleil Step 1

1. Choose a photo, rubber stamped image, pattern paper. This could be the most difficult step!

Secure object (photo, trinket, embellishment) to the bottom of the pendant. If using a glue, let it dry.

Gel Du Soleil Step 2
2. Find the image you want to frame, and trace around the outside of the pendant. Trim approximately 3/16 inch smaller to allow for the sides of the frame. If you cut the lines that were drawn your image will be too big.
Gel Du Soleil Step 3

3. Fill with Gel Du Soleil™ to desired level.

Notes: Work in a well ventilated area. Cover work surface. Best to wear gloves. Wash any spills with warm soapy water.

Gel Du Soleil Step 4

4. Keeping level, place in sun (or JudiKins UV Light) for 10-15 minutes.

Note Do not stare at light.

Gel Du Soleil Step 5 5. You can add layers if you find any fingerprints (where you tested to see if the Gel du Soleil has cured!).

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